RAID and Servers

CBL understands your critical situation and can help you get your data back quickly so you can maintain seamless business continuity.

Data loss can cripple an organisation, but in most cases the data can be retrieved. As the leader in RAID data recovery and one of the world’s largest and most successful data recovery companies.

CBL Data Recovery is able to provide you and your organisation with the expert enterprise data recovery services and quality customer service you need to help get your business up and running fast.

RAID Arrays Repairs by CBL Data Recovery


We can recover data from any make and model including fibre optic SANs

Recommended by major manufacturers and storage providers as a warranty safe hard drive data recovery service provider, CBL provides you with the level of expertise, comfort and security you demand in a data recovery firm.

CBL’s data recovery expertise extends to every make, model and manufacturer of computer hardware and enterprise storage systems.

CBL engineers work below the operating system level to recover data from systems running Microsoft Windows Server, Unix based systems such as Solaris, HP-UX and AIX; Linux, including Mandriva, Red Hat and Ubuntu; and, the Apple Xserve family of RAIDs.

What you should do right now:

  • Do not panic.
  • Turn off the affected computer hardware.
  • Do not attempt to repair the failed device or array.

RAID and Server Data Recovery Information

CBL Data Recovery offer a variety of services to recover data from a wide variety of causes, including:

  • Single or Multiple Hard Drive Failure(s).
  • Damage to the RAID Volume or Container Information.
  • Drives offline
  • Incorrect Re-build or Re-initialization of the RAID.
  • Physical damage from fire or flood or other acts of nature.

To start a recovery request contact us, online request , call 0800 171 2225

Please thank John SO much for recovering the data on our hard drive – you wouldn’t believe how precious it is to us. What a satisfying job you both have!!! Thank you to both of you, though… it was your professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm that made my decision to use CBL, so you deserve a big pat on the back!!!

Nikki Bones, London

Worldwide Data Recovery Facilities

With company owned facilities and ISO-5 (Class 100) clean rooms around the world, we can offer our assurance that you will receive the same high quality service regardless of the CBL office you choose to work with.