Please thank John SO much for recovering the data on our hard drive – you wouldn’t believe how precious it is to us. What a satisfying job you both have!!! Thank you to both of you, though… it was your professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm that made my decision to use CBL, so you deserve a big pat on the back!!! Kind regards,
Nikki, London
I made contact with CBL Data recovery, and from the beginning was treated very professionally. Fortunately for myself, CBL managed to recover 99.9% of my data, certainly brought a smile to my face for a Friday afternoon. There is no doubt that the CBL team can recover data depending on the damage to the hardrive. Many thanks again CBL for an outstanding job, I hate to think how much data could have been lost if I never found yourselfs.
Ewen Duncan, London
Dear Karen,
I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the excellent service you and John have provided for Hafiz. As parents we sometimes feel so helpless when our children have problems that we cannot solve ourselves, especially when they are far away.
I was so lucky to have found your company. You really helped Hafiz during his hour of need with your efficiency and skill, recovering almost all of his data. He is so relieved and tearfully grateful to you. Moreover, Karen, you have been so helpful and supportive in all of you communication with us both, in emails and face to face today. I am truly grateful.
Tonight I have been singing your praises to the rest of my family and friends. It is a gift to find a gem of a company like yours and deal with such talented and lovely people. You have made my son very happy and his dad too. Warmest regards form Cardiff
Associate Professor Dr Keith Robert Thomas, Cardiff
Dear Karen,
To Karen and the Tech guys at CBL, Thank you so much for recovering all my data from my crashed hard drive, it was all very important to me.
Bob Thompson

To Karen and the Tech guys at CBL. Thank you so much for recovering all my data from my crashed hard drive, it was all very important to me.

Bob Thompson, Manchester

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