Training and Consultation

CBL provides data recovery training to large organisations and government agencies that have a need, whether for security or regulatory requirements, to perform a certain amount of data recovery cases in-house.

Programs are generally held over 4 weeks with two courses weekly. Time in CBL’s data recovery labs can also be scheduled to practice what has been taught and to learn invaluable tips from CBL’s actual data recovery engineers.

Training and Consultation from CBL Data Recovery


CBL provides all the necessary data recovery software and equpment required as part of the training program.

Course outlines can be customised to suit your organization’s requirements and each program includes ongoing support by CBL for cases requiring special attention. Additionally, CBL can provide all the necessary data recovery software and hardware utilities required as part of the training program.

A general course overview may include the following topics:

  • Get to know hard drives
  • Understand data loss
  • Project Record Keeping
  • Introduction to ICU
  • Introduction to removable media
  • Introduction to Microsoft File systems Fat32/NTFS
  • HD failures Electrical 1
  • HD failures Electrical 2
  • HD failures Physical 1
  • HD failures Physical 2
  • HD failures Logical problems
  • Introduction to popular commercial software
  • Introduction to RAID (build raid, understand parity, cloning)
  • Recovering from RAIDs (drive failure, container problems, missing volumes)
  • Recovering from RAIDs
  • HD failures Firmware/System Area 1
  • HD failures Firmware/System Area 2
  • Introduction to tape – Identify tapes and tape drives
  • Understanding back-up software

Threat and Risk Assessments

People used to close business deals with a handshake. They looked one another in the eye. Today, more and more transactions are electronic, anonymous and, in too many cases, fraudulent. Any organisation which stores important information on their network is putting its information at a certain degree of risk.

A criminal on the other side of the world or an apparently loyal employee may have the ability to wreak havoc, by stealing, deleting or exposing confidential information.

The first step in protecting information assets is a Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA). Without the information it provides, organizations are in danger of fixing only what is broken and ignoring potential hazards. While the specifics of a TRA will be unique at each organization, a common methodology provides a starting point.

CBL can start by producing a risk assessment, to identify the most important assets and information: threats and vulnerabilities are identified; solutions are proposed and refined; corporate policies are tightened up; roles and responsibilities are assigned; standards and training are developed.

Secondly there is the creation of a security plan, with its own procedures, budget and implementation timetable. Once those steps are complete, any new architecture can be rolled out and new procedures put in place. At this point, the new system should be tested from the outside for any remaining weak points.

Finally, to maintain system security, security should be audited on a regular basis to keep pace with both internal changes and evolving external threats. The TRA provides the map, but organizations must make the journey. Consulting companies have identified factors that contribute to the success or failure of an IT security project.

Senior managers have to support the project and demonstrate their involvement. Otherwise, their staffs will place a higher priority on other activities.

When only 45 per cent of executives in North America said they conduct security audits on their e-commerce systems, (around the world, fewer than 35 per cent had conducted security audits) it becomes obvious that organizations must improve their defenses quickly.

Anti-Virus Consulting

CBL’s Anti-Virus consulting service aims to protect your total organisation from costly and time-consuming virus threats. When over 7% of data loss is caused by virus infection, the need for total virus protection is critical.

CBL’s Anti-Virus Disaster Recovery Consulting Process

First, one of our consultants will visit your location and work with your own IT staff to evaluate the systems within the organization. We then need to prioritize all your different systems and their importance in order to offer the best protection possible.

Our team and your staff will work together to build a complete network structure outline based on your own company infrastructure and identify any high-risk areas.

Our knowledgeable staff will then create an “Areas at Risk” report. The report will detail information on the systems at risk, the procedure and the costs involved. Depending upon the service that we are providing for you, the report will either outline the anti-virus solution that will give you the most protection, or evaluate the Anti-Virus solution that you currently have.

If you have a solution currently that you either wish or need to continue using, then we need to identify ways in which the configuration can be changed, or whether there are better ways for the software to be implemented to offer more protection.

Once a product is selected, we can plan out the systems to be covered during the installation. Different anti-virus developers produce products for various platforms. Each product has its own strengths and weaknesses meaning that by using more than one particular solution your entire organisation will be protected.

We can then assist in the configuration and implementation of the solution to the areas outlined in the Areas at Risk report.

Excellent Anti Virus & Disaster Recovery Training

The anti-virus consulting service is designed to provide as much training as possible. This will give your staff an insight into how viruses work and the best ways in which to deal with them. If in the future you discover a virus, you will be completely protected, your staff will know what to do, and you will be able to track where it originated.

All staff will be completely at ease with maintaining the Anti-Virus software. You will be able to automate the whole process as much as is physically possible, meaning that you won’t have to take more time for updating, and keeping the systems protected.

CBL Virus Information Update and Data Recovery Alert

CBL’s Virus Alert Team can accomodate many different types of networks. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide leading edge information and technology for protection against viruses that can cripple organisations.

Dear Karen, I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the excellent service you and John have provided for Hafiz. You really helped Hafiz during his hour of need with your efficiency and skill, recovering almost all of his data.

Warmest regards form Cardiff

Kit, Cardiff

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